6 Steps guide: looking for a surrogate mother

Thinking about surrogacy? After making the choice of becoming parents via surrogacy, and before you follow it through, you need to know the different steps for looking for a surrogate mother.

Below you will find a six-phase guide to help you during your surrogate

gestational surrogate mother

Phase 1: Think about your options

First, you need to think about the types of surrogacy processes and decide whether you want to find a gestational or a traditional surrogate mother and if you want to pursue an Indy surrogacy or you prefer to work with a surrogacy agency which supports you during the whole journey (not only to find surrogate mother)

Phase 2: Research about the surrogacy law

You need to know about the surrogacy laws in the state where your surrogate lives. Note that surrogacy laws vary from country to country, province to province and state to state.

looking for a surrogate

Phase 3: Talk about it with your relatives and friends

It’s important you talk with your family and friends about your desire to become parents through surrogacy. Looking for a surrogate mother sometimes can be easier that you thought because someone in the family can offer to be your surrogate mother and

Phase 4: Find a surrogacy agency

If you decide to work with an agency, get in contact with some surrogacy agency to learn more about the surrogacy process and if their values meet your expectations and goals as intended parents. Also, learn about the requirements and the cost of the process.

If you decide to go Indy, you can find a surrogate via surrogacy classifieds, Facebook groups, online communities etc. Before making your decision learn about the pros and cons of both options.

surrogate mother

Phase 5: Look for legal advice

It’s important that you hire a lawyer experienced in dealing with surrogacy. This lawyer will help with the surrogacy contrac: Surrogacy regulation by country

Phase 6: Looking for a surrogate mother

Choosing the right gestational surrogate is one of the key steps in your surrogacy journey. If you work with a surrogacy agency they will present several profiles. Make sure that your surrogate meets the common requirements needed to become a surrogate mother. If you have doubts talk with your fertility clinic about the surrogate mother requirements.

Tips to have in consideration when looking for a surrogate mother

  1. Be honest and communicate with the surrogate mother as much as possible.
  2. Ask her about her lifestyle and values before matching with her
  3. If possible, meet sever prospective surrogates before making your choice

looking for a surrogate mother

These are the six basic phases to start with your surrogacy process.  This is an important step to take your time and choose wisely.

Learn more about looking for a surrogate mother: https://mysurrogatemom.com


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